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The Uaya suid, " All tiling can be acquired, if we are able
to secure the services of extraordinary* men." Ayyamarasa
submitted. i; Of course, a king has women and g-ems, but
what is more desirable to him than these are : It Is said in a
verse on political morality,

' O ! King Badde. the earth is the consort of a kinor, and wise men are
his gems. Are women and precious stones wives and gems to a king ? '

14 If a king manages to secure the services of a proper person,
he can acquire the nine gerns a ad the fourfold array.
Therefore. Your ilajesty should not consider that Appaji
iŤ an ordinary minister. He is a minister of uncommon
abilities. He alone possesses the capacity to make possible
what is impossible. If Your Majesty is pleased to ask me how
it is, (I shall explain it in this manner). Although all men
have their bodies and limbs alike, it is necessary to separate
them into (three classes, viz.,) the best, the middling, and the
low. Thus, greatness is determined by the possession of
superior virtue. And all the five metals are equal (as metals) :
but grold has surpassed the others. Just as the quality of the
gold is discovered by the friction of the touchstone, the
greatness of Appaji should be known (by the contact with
difficult problems).

" As it is said in an old maxim,
4 One among a hundred is born a hero ; one in a thousand, a scholar ;
Ťad one in hundred thousand, an orator ; hut it is doubt fnl whether a
*nan of: munificence IB at ail born.'
Therefore, the qualities (such as those possessed by
Timmarasa) can be found only in one person; and not
in others."